Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dad's day

Father's day 2011 in our family started out with a stroll along fisherman's wharf, the wharf was jam-packed with tourists! It was also very hot and windy that day.
then we ate lunch at rainforest cafe which was so fun for our daughter! It was fun for us too because we love seeing our daughter laugh =)
This day made me reminisce then about my own father. Virgilio Dytuco is his name. He was in the export/import business. This was his feature in CITEM (Center for intermational trade expositions and missions) Phils.:

When Virgilio Dytuco started a cottage industry operation doing macrame planters, his main rationale was to put to productive use the time of his schoolbus drivers. But the business grew and in 1977, JOVER'S Philippines began displaying its products at the NACIDA emporium. That was where a fateful meeting with a French buyer was to change the course of the company and their very lives. Andre Laval, owner of le Monde Sauvage, was instrumental in giving Virgilio the business breaks and was the tower of strength when personal tragedy struck the Dytucos. With Laval's encouragement, JOVER'S diversified into the manufacture of furniture made of bamboo, buri and rattan. But it is in bamboo that they have made a name for themselves. Their work with bamboo led them into exhaustive technical research to find a solution to the perennial "bukbok" problem. With the problem solved, they then went into product design development. Their best selling items are their sturdy knockdown beds and gazebos which are highly valued by the U.S.A., Canada and Australia. Virgilio and wife, Hortensia, are embodiments of the Filipino entrepreneur, bold and undaunted in in the face of crisis. Blessed with faith, fortitude and fine friendships like Laval's, theirs is a  triumph of the spirit.
I have dedicated a stinkysocks product in honor of fathers:
It is a masculine charm without any beads or frills, it can also be coverted to a keychain with the attached key ring. The lobster claw can easily hang from any gym bag, back pack or brief case.

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