Friday, June 3, 2011


My name is Mary Ann.
 I am a first time mom and I love all things MOM. I love going to the local playground with my daughter, this is where I get to run around, climb on the monkey bars and slide! I can do this so i can closely monitor my kid, or so I say LOL.
Most especially though, I like spending time at home with my husband and daughter. I like roaming the city with them, I can't get enough of sf

I figured that the best way to spend more time at home is to eventually quit my day job and start doing the thing i grew up knowing how to do, crafts! so I sarted this thing called Stinkysocks

wherein I handmake bagcharms and haircombs. It is also a form of stress-relief for me and hopefully turn up a little profit from my little hobby.

Anywayss, that's all for now and see you in my next blog!

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